Photos from 1968-71, Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn College, mostly on the lawn behind the library, 1968

Bonnie Nilsen and Sara Naphtali- Student Union Building, Brooklyn College Sara Naphtali Lew Glazer and Marilyn Berman
??? Al Jacobs Joel Kann
Shelley Kantrow ??? Joel Kann and Barbara
Joel Kann Shelley Kantrow and ??? ???
??? Shelley Kantrow and ??? Jeff Katz
??? Mickey Berger Phil Posner, Jeff Katz, Mickey Berger, Shelley Kantrow
Mickey Berger, Phil Posner, Jeff Katz

Phil and Bonnie's Wedding, 1969

We were married on June 6, 1969. We had to go to Yonkers because I was only 20 and not yet able to marry in New York City. If I remember correctly, Mickey and Gail drove us there, and Joel and Barbara went ahead of us on the bike.

Phil and Bonnie's apartment and Prospect Park, 1971

Marty ??? Mickey Berger Gail, Susan Lew Glazer, Jeff Katz Susan, Ira Marilyn and Scott Gail Phil Posner, Elyse, Jeff Katz Marilyn Berman and Scott Glazer ???, ???, Ira, Al Jacobs Al Jacobs, Phil Posner, Mickey Berger Al Jacobs, Phil Posner, Marilyn Berman, Jeff Katz, Scott Glazer