Bonnie Nilsen

Mike Nilsen (Michael Francis Nilsen)

My name is Bonnie Linda Nilsen and I am writing this to notify anyone who searches for the name Michael Francis Nilsen of New Jersey, to be aware that he is a liar and a thief. He is my brother.

We are the children of Frank and Marjorie Nilsen:

Michael Francis Nilsen was born December 19, 1961 in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently married to Michele Leonardis Nilsen and as far as I know they are living in New Jersey.

In the summer of 2008 they took my mother Marjorie Nilsen and my father Frank Nilsen into their home in Jackson, New Jersey, because they were elderly, had many health problems and were unable to care for themselves. They were assisted by the local hospice association and visiting nurses. Marjorie and Frank had lived in Leisure Village, Lakewood, New Jersey up until this time.

I do thank Michael and Michele for taking care of Frank and Marjorie for many months.

On September 20, 2008 my father Frank Nilsen died. The ownership of my parent's house went to my mother Marjorie Nilsen.

On February 10, 2009 my mother Marjorie Nilsen died. The house was left to her estate.

In March or April 2009, my parent's house was sold for $105,000.

Deed March 31   Settlement April 9   Settlement April 15

According to my mother's Will (below) all of her estate was to be given to her children per share. This means that myself, my sister Sharon and Michael were supposed to each receive approximately $35,000.

Marjorie Nilsen Will


Michael did not tell me that the house had been sold. I sent emails in May 2009 and in November 2009 inquiring about the state of the real estate market in New Jersey, etc., and was assured by Michael that he was trying to make the sale.

I did not find out that the house had been sold until September 19, 2010 when I was looking for information online. Even after confronting him with the facts, Michael still continued to lie, by implying that the money was being held against child support payments that he owed his former wife. I confirmed with her that this was not true.

To date I have not received one penny from Michael. I have since cut off all contact with Michael and Michele. I am in contact with his former wife and his children.

I believe that Michael has stored some of my parent's possessions, including photo albums, letters and assorted household items at one of his in-law's houses. If you know anything about this situation please get in touch with me as I should like to get some of these items returned to myself and my sister.

June 20, 2012: Michele asked to be a Friend on Facebook. I agreed, just to see what would happen.

Hello Michele. I am confused and wondering why you wanted to friend me on Facebook?
Michele Leonardis Nilsen

i dunno was just making sure u were ok regardless of everything people can still worry bout other people
Bonnie Nilsen

Michele. Sister-in-law. You say you love your family. What has happened is NOT the way family members should treat each other. If you are that worried about me I suggest you ask your husband to give Sharon and me the thousands of dollars he owes us.

Michael cheated Sharon and me out of $70,000. And as you are married and living with him, I can only assume that you would know something about this and benefited from it. I just want an honest explanation from you.

Also, I would like to know what has happened to all of the family photos and other bits and pieces that were in the garage when I left. There was furniture there that I would love to have now. There were photos there that would help with my genealogical work on the family. Am I correct in assuming that it all gone?

Michele, I would love to stay in contact with you, but you must understand that I am very wary of your offer of friendship. Please tell me something that will make me change my mind and see you in a more favorable light.

I do not want to hurt you or Michael, but you have hurt me and Sharon terribly.

When I checked my Facebook page later in the day she had un-Friended me.

Part 2: September 2014